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Andy Steele

Andy Steele, Senior Financial Advisor

Over the past 21 years with Members 1st, by putting the member's interest first, Andy provides personalized services and creates a customized plan to help achieve key financial goals such as wealth accumulation, retirement income planning and wealth transfer planning. Andy covers the Mechanicsburg area.


Craig Nissley

Craig Nissley, Financial Advisor

Craig has been in the investment industry since 1993, and is experienced in wealth accumulation, retirement planning, retirement income distribution and wealth transfer. Craig works in the Carlisle area.


Frank Dziennik

Frank Dziennik, Financial Advisor

Frank will focus on your unique financial situation to help you maximize your investment efforts in ways that are suitable and comfortable to you. Frank covers the York area.


Jeff Howe

Jeff Howe, Financial Advisor

Jeff has been in the financial services industry since 1978 helping people meet their financial needs whether it be investing for retirment, providing income at retirement, or helping a family be financially secure if tragedy strikes. Jeff covers Duncannon, Harrisburg and Linglestown areas.


Kim Shellhamer-Houck

Kim Shellhamer-Houck, Financial Advisor

Kim guides clients through financial planning with a focus on wealth accumulation during your working years, security and independence in your retirement, and the efficient transfer of your accumulated wealth to your loved ones. Kim covers the Dillsburg, New Cumberland and Harrisburg areas.


Mike Ross

Mike Ross, Financial Advisor

Mike has been in the investment industry since 1994. He is an knowledgeable Investment Representative experienced in market and risk analysis, portfolio design and implementation. Mike covers the Colonial Park, Hershey and Lebanon areas.


Mike Russ

Mike Russ, Financial Advisor

Mike has been in the investment industry since 1994. Mike concentrates his efforts toward assisting members with producing a sustainable stream of income, through time, which can keep up with the cost of living in an effort to preserve their dignity and independence in retirement. Mike covers Carlisle, Shippensburg and Camp Hill.


Peter Billis

Peter Billis, Financial Advisor

Peter believes that personal, professional, and wealth goals are all equally important and intertwined. For the past 20 years in the financial services industry, his focus is to help members uncover, prioritize, and recommend the proper financial plan to help them achieve their financial goals. Peter covers West York, Hanover and Shrewsbury.


Steve Richardson

Steve Richardson, Financial Advisor

Steve is with over a decade of experience. Everyone's economic and life situation is unique. He focuses on meeting with clients, whether it's to help clients accumulate assets for retirement, maintain financial independence through retirement, or transfer a legacy to heirs with tax efficiency. Steve covers the Carlisle and Gettysburg areas.


Tim Sheehan

Tim Sheehan, Financial Advisor

Over the past 10 years, Tim has focused on educating his clients in regard to retirement income planning and wealth transfer strategies. He prides himself on working with clients, developing customized financial plans to ensure they are making the proper decision(s) for their financial future. Tim covers the Lancaster area.